Upgrading to Splinter v0.3.15 from Splinter v0.3.14

Breaking changes in this release:

The routes for the Biome keys endpoints have changed

In release v0.3.14, the following endpoints required a user ID:

  • biome/users/{user_id}/keys
  • biome/user/{user_id}/keys/{public_key}

In this release, these endpoints no longer require a user ID. The Biome keys endpoints have been changed to:

  • biome/keys
  • biome/keys/{public_key}

All instances of these endpoints must be updated. Requests to the previous endpoints will result in a 404 NOT FOUND error.

The functionality for these endpoints has remained the same. For more information, see the Splinter REST API documentation.

The splinter circuit create subcommand has been renamed to propose

In previous releases, the command splinter circuit create was used to propose a new circuit.

In release v0.3.15, the create subcommand has been changed to propose. Use splinter circuit propose for a new circuit, as shown in the following example:

$ splinter circuit propose \
  --url http://splinterd-alpha:8085 \
  --key <path_to_alpha_private_key> \
  --node alpha-node-000::tls://splinterd-alpha:8044

The functionality of this subcommand has not changed.