Splinter Community


Splinter is an open source project on GitHub. We encourage you to join the Splinter community and contribute to this project in the following ways:

Chat at Splinter Community Discord. Join us on Discord to ask questions, tell us about a bug, or propose changes and new features.

Report bugs: We track bugs as GitHub issues at splintercommunity/splinter/issues.

Contribute code: Splinter software is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 software license. This project accepts GitHub pull requests. For more information, see “Contributing Code”, below.

Contributing Code

Splinter source code is hosted on GitHub in the splintercommunity/splinter repository. When contributing code, please follow these guidelines:

  • Fork the repository and make your changes in a feature branch.

  • Make sure that the unit and integration tests run successfully.

  • If your changes affect the existing tests, update those tests as necessary. For a new feature, include new unit and integration tests for the feature.

  • Ensure that the lint tests pass.

  • Plan the commit or commits for your pull request. A pull request can contain a single commit or multiple commits. Most importantly, each commit should represent a self-contained change, such as a single fix or enhancement. For example, do not create a single commit that fixes a bug and adds a feature (create two commits instead). Use a single commit for all changes that fix a single issues (not multiple commits).

  • Follow these guidelines for commit messages:

  • Important: If you need to rebase your pull request, be sure to rebase it against the current main branch. Do not merge the current main branch with your topic branch. Do not use the “Update Branch” button provided by GitHub on the pull request page.