Disclaimer: These are planning documents. The functionalities described here may be unimplemented, partially implemented, or implemented differently than the original design.


The following is a tentative roadmap to future releases.

Splinter v0.7

Splinter v0.7 provides a robust Scabbard service with an architecture to support high availability work moving forward. The high availability journey begins here because transaction processing involves technically complex parts of the system: a merkle tree with provable state agreement and consensus algorithms.

The release will also include an orders of magnitude increase in txn/sec that Scabbard can processes at both a circuit level and per process/node.

Feature Status Documentation
Actix Upgrade Discussion -
Augrim 2PC Discussion -
Augrim 3PC Discussion -
Cylinder Keygen Under Development -
Dynamic Circuits Not Started -
Error Command Not Started -
Expose Integration Test API Not Started -
REST API crate Not Started -
Sawtooth Journal Abstraction Discussion -
Splinter Workload Not Started -
Transact Sabre Under Development -

Past Roadmaps

The following are roadmaps for completed past releases.

Splinter v0.6

Splinter v0.6 addresses critical areas required for running Splinter in production, which brings Splinter to a huge milestone: v0.6 is expected to be suitable for low-volume production environments which can withstand some amount of downtime for upgrades or single-point-of-failure issues.

Feature Status Documentation
Basic Metrics Complete -
Circuit Deletion Complete splinter circuit disband, splinter circuit abandon, splinter circuit purge
Circuit Name Complete splinter circuit propose, splinter circuit show, splinter circuit list
Circuit Template Complete How-to, Man page
Challenge Authorization Complete Challenge Authorization
Cylinder Support Complete Repo
Cloud-friendly Deployment Complete Admin Service Store Feature, Data Store Guidelines
Database - PostgreSQL Support Complete Data Store Guidelines, Configuring Splinter Daemon Database
Database - SQLite Support Complete Data Store Guidelines, Configuring Splinter Daemon Database
REST API - Authorization Complete REST API Authorization Design
REST API - Cylinder JWT Authentication Complete Cylinder JWT Authentication
REST API - OAuth 2 Authentication Complete OAuth 2 REST API Authentication
Transact SQL Support Complete Code
WebSocket Transport Experimental Code

Additional Information

Management of the Roadmap

The roadmap is a collaborative effort derived from both agile community feedback and long-term vision. Communities building other open source projects which are built upon Splinter, such as Grid and Sawtooth, have a substantial impact on the roadmap. Non-public projects also have a substantial impact.

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The status column can contain these values:

Status Description
Not Started No work has actively started on this feature.
Discussion This feature is actively being discussed.
Under Development The feature is actively being developed.
Implemented The bulk of the implementation is done and the feature is usable.
Complete The feature is ready for the release.
Experimental This feature is experimental and will likely remain experimental for this release.