% SPLINTER-CIRCUIT-PURGE(1) Cargill, Incorporated | Splinter Commands


splinter-circuit-purge — Submits a request to purge the specified circuit.


splinter circuit purge [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] CIRCUIT-ID


Request to purge a circuit by specifying the circuit ID of the circuit to be removed from the node’s storage. Internal service data associated with the circuit is also purged. A circuit is only able to be purged if it has already been deactivated and no longer supports networking. Disbanding a circuit removes a circuit’s networking functionality, allowing for a circuit to be purged. A circuit may also be abandoned, causing the circuit’s networking capability to be disabled for the abandoning node, so the abandoning node is able to purge the deactivated circuit.

The generated ID of an existing deactivated circuit can be viewed using the splinter-circuit-list, with the --circuit-status option of either disbanded and/or abandoned.

The purge request only works for local circuits that have been deactivated. If the circuit is still considered active, it is not able to be purged. Once a circuit has been purged, the circuit is removed from the node’s admin store and any internal Splinter service data will also be removed. If a circuit is using the Scabbard service, for example, the state LMDB files associated with the circuit are deleted. After purging, the circuit and internal service data are no longer available as this state has been deleted.


-h, --help
Prints help information.
-q, --quiet
Decrease verbosity (the opposite of -v). When specified, only errors or warnings will be output.
-V, --version
Prints version information.
Increases verbosity (the opposite of -q). Specify multiple times for more output.


Specifies the full path to the private key file.
-U, --url URL
Specifies the URL for the splinterd REST API. The URL is required unless $SPLINTER_REST_API_URL is set.


Specify the circuit ID of the circuit to be purged.


  • The existing inactive circuit has ID 1234-ABCDE.

The following command displays a member node requesting to purge the circuit:

$ splinter circuit purge \
  --url URL-of-member-node-splinterd-REST-API \
  1234-ABCDE \


URL for the splinterd REST API. (See -U, --url.)


| splinter-circuit-abandon(1) | splinter-circuit-disband(1) | splinter-circuit-list(1) | splinter-circuit-proposals(1) | splinter-circuit-propose(1) | splinter-circuit-remove-proposal(1) | splinter-circuit-show(1) | splinter-circuit-vote(1) | | Splinter documentation: https://www.splinter.dev/docs/0.6/