Disclaimer: These are planning documents. The functionalities described here may be unimplemented, partially implemented, or implemented differently than the original design.

Oauth Profile


After authenticating a user with one of the available OAuth providers, a user’s profile information may be retrieved from the OAuth server. The primary OAuth providers for which profile information can be retrieved are Azure Active Directory, Github, and Google. Other OpenID OAuth providers may work as well.


User profile information can be used in end user applications to create a personalized profile for the user based on the account used for authentication. Splinter Admin UI is an example of a browser-based application that uses the user profile information from the OAuth provider to create a profile page for the authenticated user.

Guide-level explanation

Retrieval of profile information is handled by a profile provider in the OAuth client. The process is as follows:

  1. User has been authenticated with one of the available OAuth providers and the Splinter REST API has received an OAuth access token
  2. The profile provider queries the appropriate endpoint for the given OAuth provider using the OAuth access token
  3. The OAuth server responds with the available profile information for the authenticated user

Reference-level explanation


The interface for getting a user’s profile information from an OAuth server is defined using the ProfileProvider trait.

/// A service that fetches profile details from a backing OAuth server
pub trait ProfileProvider: Send + Sync {
    /// Attempts to get the profile details for the account that the given access
    /// token is for.
    fn get_profile(&self, access_token: &str) -> Result<Option<Profile>, InternalError>;

    /// Clone implementation for `ProfileProvider`. The implementation of the
    /// `Clone` trait for `Box<dyn ProfileProvider>` calls this method.
    fn clone_box(&self) -> Box<dyn ProfileProvider>;

The access_token argument passed to the get_profile method is the token sent to the Splinter REST API by the authorization server after authentication.

Implementations of the ProfileProvider trait exist for Github and OpenID OAuth providers. While other OpenID OAuth providers may work, the OpenIdProfileProvider is configured to work specifically with Azure Active Directory and Google.

So that the ProfileProvider may be accessed from the oauth client, a profile_provider field is added to the OAuthClient struct. See OAuth 2 REST API Authentication for more details on OAuthClient.

Prior art

The ProfileProvider trait is modeled after the SubjectProvider trait in OAuth 2 REST API Authentication.