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scabbard-contract-upload — Uploads a smart contract to scabbard


scabbard contract upload [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] SCAR


This command takes a sabre contract archive (scar) file and uploads its smart contract to a scabbard service. The scar file is specified using a name, version requirement, and a list of paths. The file to upload is dynamically determined by searching the specified paths for a scar file matching the given name and version requirement. If multiple scar files are found that match the name/version, the file with the latest version will be used.


-h, --help
Prints help information.
Increases verbosity. Specify multiple times for more output.


-k, --key FILE
Indicates the key file to use for signing scabbard transactions. The FILE can be a relative or absolute file path, or it can be the name of a .priv file in the $HOME/.splinter/keys directory. The target file must contain a valid secp256k1 private key. This option is required.
-p, --path PATH
Specifies the directory path(s) to use when searching for the scar file to upload. This option can be specified multiple times to provide multiple directories to search. If this option is not provided, the $SCAR_PATH environment variable will be checked. If the environment variable has not been set, the default path /usr/share/scar will be used.
--service-id ID
Specifies the fully-qualified service ID of the targeted scabbard service, using the format CIRCUIT_ID::SERVICE_ID. This option is required.
-U, --url URL
Specifies the URL for the splinterd REST API that is running the targeted scabbard service. (default http://localhost:8080) This option is required.
--wait SECONDS
If provided, waits the given number of seconds for the batch to commit. Displays an error message if the batch does not commit in time.


Specifies the name and version requirements of the scar file to upload, using the format NAME:VERSION_REQ. The name must not include underscores (_), since these are invalid in scar file names. The version requirement can be any valid semantic versioning requirement string (for details on semantic versioning, visit https://semver.org/).


List of directories to use when searching for the scar file to upload. (See -p, --path.)


The following command uploads the smart contract from a scar file located at /usr/share/scar/xo_0.3.3.scar. It uploads the contract to a scabbard service on circuit 01234-ABCDE with service ID abcd, running on the node with the REST API endpoint http://localhost:8088.

$ scabbard contract upload \
  --url http://localhost:8088 \
  --service-id 01234-ABCDE::abcd \
  --key ~/user.priv \

For the next command, there are two scar files in the ~/scar directory: intkey_0.1.0.scar and intkey_0.1.1.scar. This command uploads the smart contract from intkey_0.1.1.scar, since it specifies a minimum version requirement of 0.1, and 0.1.1 is later than 0.1.0.

$ scabbard contract upload \
  --url http://localhost:8088 \
  --service-id 01234-ABCDE::abcd \
  --key ~/user.priv \
  --path ~/scar \

The next example uploads the contract from the same intkey_0.1.1.scar file to he same scabbard service, but it uses a wildcard to match any version. It also specifies a key in the $HOME/.splinter/keys directory by name and waits up to 10 seconds for the contract upload batch to commit.

$ scabbard contract upload \
  --url http://localhost:8088 \
  --service-id 01234-ABCDE::abcd \
  --key ~/user.priv \
  --wait 10 \
  --path ~/scar \


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